35th Anniversary


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Our Anniversary Celebration

Connections for Independent Living celebrated 35 years of service on September 17, 2021. We hosted a gala celebration at our offices at 1331 8th Avenue in Greeley. 

35th Anniversary Cover Art
Anniversary program. Click to download PDF.

Festivities at Connections began at 4:00 p.m. and continued until 7:00 p.m. We offered plenty of light fare and drink, tours of our Connections offices, and much more. Connections consumers and supporters joined us outside under the tent under sunny skies and mild temperatures.

Beth Danielson.

During the evening, we paid special tribute to retired Connections Executive Director Beth Danielson and to Connections’ Director of Transitions Brad Taylor for their many years of service and dedication to our organization. Both have offered tireless support of the disability revolution and to the northeastern Colorado community.

Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor.


Do you have questions regarding our ongoing anniversary celebration and upcoming special events? Please contact Connections for assistance by email or by calling Jessica at 970-352-8682 x 1009.

The Celebration Continues

Connections’ 35th Anniversary Celebration will continue through December, 2021. Watch for additional information and updates on this site!

A group at the Connections Celebration
A group at the 35th Anniversary Celebration of Connections.
Board members and guests
Connections board members and guests at the 35th Anniversary Celebration.
Celebration view
A view of the participants at the Connections Anniversary Celebration.
Award Ceremony at the 35th Anniversary Celebration
From left, Mary Jo Brockshus, Beth Danielson, Brad Taylor, and Rochelle Miller at the Legacy Awards ceremony.
35th Anniversary Art