Award Ceremony at the 35th Anniversary Celebration

Connections Honors Danielson and Taylor at Anniversary Gala

Weld County, CO, September 23, 2021 – An enthusiastic audience honored two leaders of the independent living movement in northeastern Colorado on September 17 at the Connections for Independent Living’s 35th Anniversary Celebration in Greeley.

Mary Jo and Beth
Mary Jo Brockshus, left, and Beth Danielson.

Beth Danielson and Brad Taylor were presented with Connections Legacy Awards by Executive Director Rochelle Mitchell-Miller and Board of Directors Chairperson Mary Jo Brockshus. Danielson, who served as Connections’ Executive Director for 18 years, planned for the financial stability of the Greeley nonprofit for many years following her retirement. She also oversaw the purchase and remodel of the headquarters building in 2009. Taylor, Connections’ Director of Transitions and Advocacy, has served the organization and northeastern Coloradans who live with disabling conditions since 1992. Taylor began as an independent living specialist, and later moved to coordinating transitions of persons from nursing or group living homes to personal residences.

A group at the Connections Celebration
A group at the 35th Anniversary Celebration of Connections.

“Being an executive director of any nonprofit is rife with challenges, but Beth Danielson not only excelled at running an organization, she made huge contributions to the disability revolution while simultaneously planning for the future of Connections. We owe Beth a lot more than an award,” said Mitchell-Miller. She added “Brad Taylor is an inspiration and wealth of knowledge to this organization on a daily basis. We are fortunate to have his wisdom and outlook on behalf of those with significant disabilities.”

Connections for Independent Living continues to fight for equity and accessibility for all those in northeastern Colorado living with disabling conditions.

Thanks to WeldWerks, Wiley Roots, Consider it There, and ZipMart Liquors for their support of this celebration. 

Connections for Independent Living is a non-residential, participant-controlled nonprofit Independent Living Center that promotes independent living and the empowerment of all persons with disabilities. The organization is one of nine certified Independent Living Centers throughout Colorado and since 1986 has specifically served individuals in seven northeastern counties.

View of the Celebration
A view of the Connections Anniversary Celebration.
Celebration view
A view of the participants at the Connections Anniversary Celebration.
Rochelle Mitchell-Miller chats with attendees.
Rochelle Mitchell-Miller, left, talks with Brad Taylor, near right, and others.
Anniversary celebrants take advantage of shade.
A group of Anniversary attendees take advantage of the shade under the big tent.