Sarah Augenstein Using the Connections Remote Video Interpreting Room

Connections’ Remote Video Interpreting Room Serves Regional Residents

Weld County, CO, May 27, 2021 – Greeley non-profit Connections for Independent Living has opened a remote video interpreting room (VRI) to better serve Colorado and regional residents who are deaf or hard of hearing.

This specially-designed room allows for two American Sign Language (ASL) professionals to concurrently serve business meetings, conferences, legal and medical proceedings, and classrooms with high quality, hard-wired video interpreting.

Superior high-definition video conferencing equipment, along with a high-speed ethernet fiber-optic connection in a professional setting, allows interpreters to deliver their services to clients remotely, securely without glitching or interruption. Although most interpreting situations are best served by in-person assistance, remote video interpreting offers a cost-effective solution applicable for some situations.

The Americans with Disabilities Act calls for businesses, schools, medical facilities, government agencies, courts, and other critical services to provide reasonable accommodations to clients who require ASL interpreting for better understanding and clear communication. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased interest in remote services, but very few facilities have been created specifically for interpreting. The VRI room also makes the northern Colorado agency one of the few qualified testing facilities for ASL certifications.

“If the pandemic taught us one good thing it was that we needed to up our tech game in the best way possible,” said Rochelle Miller, Executive Director. “Connections’ new VRI room does exactly that, it allows our highly skilled interpreters connectivity and remote access to match their high level of ASL delivery and professionalism.”

Connections has offered quality ASL interpreting services for many years. It is Colorado’s largest nonprofit professional service, providing valued interpreting for hundreds of local and regional clients annually. Connections’ contracted interpreters are certified, and some have specialized training in legal and/or medical interpreting.

Additional information regarding Connections’ suite of ASL interpreting services can be found on this website. Scheduling can be done online, or by calling 970-352-8682.

Connections for Independent Living is a non-residential, participant-controlled nonprofit Independent Living Center that promotes independent living and the empowerment of all persons with disabilities. The organization is one of nine certified Independent Living Centers throughout Colorado and since 1986 has specifically served individuals in seven northeastern counties.
Connections Video Interpreting Room station
A Connections remote video interpreting station stands ready for use.