Connections COVID Clinic

Connections Provides COVID-19 Vaccination Assistance

Weld County, CO, August 6, 2021 – Connections for Independent Living recognizes there is confusing, contradictory, and even misleading information about the COVID-19 vaccines. For persons who live with disabling conditions and who can be adversely affected by the virus, such information can be inequitable.

Connections vaccination clinic April 2021
Connections hosted a vaccination clinic in Greeley in April, 2021.

To help provide information to allow for informed decision-making, Connections recently launched a new webpage that includes updated information about the vaccines, and resources to allow for common-sense determinations by Coloradans.

The nonprofit’s team of independent living specialists can assist community members with disabilities in arranging free transportation to a vaccine appointment or clinic, provide free ASL interpretation, large-print information and more. Connections also has a comprehensive list of area agencies who can provide in-person services for those unable to leave their homes.

“There is an abundance of information about vaccines, our only wish is that those with disabilities and deaf and hard of hearing community members are given equitable access to all of the information we get daily,” said Rochelle Mitchell-Miller, Executive Director/CEO.

As a part of Connections’ commitment to equitable vaccine information, a short video introduction to the COVID Guidance page was created entirely in American Sign Language. This video for people who speak ASL provides information as to which vaccine is best for them, and how and where to schedule their vaccinations with up-to-date, local assistance.

Connections for Independent Living is a non-residential, participant-controlled nonprofit Independent Living Center that promotes independent living and the empowerment of all persons with disabilities. The organization is one of nine certified Independent Living Centers throughout Colorado and since 1986 has specifically served individuals in seven northeastern counties.