For Immediate Release

Contact: Jessica Standiferd,

Weld County, CO. November 29, 2023– Connections for Independent Living is acutely aware of the housing crisis that people with disabilities are  experiencing. Housing deposit assistance has become one of the most requested forms of assistance from our community. Persons with fixed income, low to no income, and even those with working wages are experiencing the impact of high rental amounts, including coming up with the funds for the damage deposit.

Connections has seen qualified Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV, Section 8) participants unable to obtain permanent housing owing to their lack of available funds to provide the required rental deposit, time and again. To overcome this often insurmountable barrier, the Connections board of directors created the Housing Deposit Assistance Program.

To date, Connections has provided assistance to 33 people who have maintained permanent housing. To qualify for the program you must be a Connections consumer and have a Housing Choice Voucher through Connections’ housing program. The grant funding is provided directly to the apartment and housing owners on behalf of the section 8 housing voucher recipients. These grants generally ranged from $200.00 – $500.00, and are usually completed within 24-hours of application approval. Priority is given to applicants who demonstrate a capacity for need, as well as demonstrating how the deposit requirement is creating an obstacle to obtaining permanent housing, along with those who would experience dire effects, including but not limited to homelessness if they do not receive funding assistance.

Donations can be made to Connections via the Colorado Gives 365 website or by this link