Housing Assistance

Connections works closely with our partners at the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Division of Housing, to secure Housing Choice Vouchers (termed as Section 8 housing) for persons who live with disabling conditions. This program provides assistance to the individual, allowing for lower rental fees based upon gross income.

While we specifically serve individuals within our seven county, northeastern Colorado service region, we can also assist other Colorado residents.

There are specific forms that must be completed and filed to join our housing wait list. Note that our wait list is closed. If it will be helpful, you may schedule an appointment for personal consultation and assistance by telephone, online video, and in-person at our Greeley office. Call us at (970) 352-8682.

Housing Choice Vouchers

Receiving a Housing Choice Voucher (commonly known as a Section 8 Voucher) from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Division of Housing, through Connections begins with adding your name to our Connections waiting list.

Housing voucher meeting at Connections
A meeting at Connections regarding Housing Choice vouchers.

Here are details regarding this process.

  • The applicant should live within our service region, but our team can provide initial assistance to any Colorado resident.
  • The applicant must be an individual who lives with a disabling condition.
  • The wait list is only open for new applicants during a specific, defined period. At present, our list is closed.
  • Specific paperwork must be completed and submitted to join our waiting list.
  • Joining our waiting list does not mean you will be receiving a voucher immediately. There are usually waiting periods of several months to receive a voucher. This is dependent on voucher availability from the State of Colorado.
  • Persons experiencing homelessness are prioritized in the waiting list process.
  • Vouchers are valid for a specific period of time.
  • The recipient of a voucher is fully responsible for finding and arranging their own rental property.
  • You may request an accommodation to access the application process – contact our office for assistance at (970) 352-8682 or direct at (970) 673-5906. Please leave a voice message if you do not reach us in your call and we will call you back.
  • Applications and associated paperwork may be submitted by the following methods:
    • Delivered in person to our Greeley office during standard weekday business hours. (Note that currently, appointments are required for in-office visits; paperwork may be dropped in the black box to the left of the main office entry during business hours only. Do not leave paperwork after hours or on weekends, as the box is not secure.)
    • By US Postal Service Mail to our office. Address to: Housing Vouchers, Connections for Independent Living, 1331 8th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631-4601.
    • By email with attachments direct to the Housing team.
    • By fax transmission to (970) 353-8058, Attn: Housing Vouchers.

Housing forms for new applicants

Housing assistance and joining the wait list for a Housing Choice voucher through Connections requires completion and submission of up to three PDF format forms. Review the instructions as to which forms you need to complete and submit, and what documentation is required.

Housing Choice Voucher waitlist applications.

For new applicants: You must receive a pre-application packet from Connections when the waiting list is open. We cannot provide them to you outside of the waitlist opening, per the Division of Housing in Denver. 


  • The pre-application is required for all applicants and should be completed and submitted.
  • The Verification of Disability form only needs to be completed if the applicant is not receiving SSI/SSDI benefits (if they are, they can substitute their award letter). In this form, the applicant needs to fill in the Housing Coordinator name as Dianna Shmidl with Connections, phone number 970-352-8682. Sign and date the release of information section. A qualified professional such as a doctor, therapist, nurse, or CNA can complete the remainder of the form.
  • The Homeless Verification is optional and is submitted if the applicant is claiming homelessness. This form needs to be completed by a professional with knowledge of their displacement. This individual can be someone at an agency with which they are working. Unfortunately, Connections cannot complete this section, even if we are aware of your homelessness.

Housing forms for current Housing Choice voucher holders

Current Voucher Holder FormsIf you have an active Housing Choice voucher, there are numerous state and federal forms applicable for various situations. Download, complete, and submit to Connections the appropriate form or forms.

Your Connections independent living specialist or housing specialist can help guide you as to which forms are appropriate.

Forms for new lease-ups and annuals - yearly

For individuals who have an active Housing Choice voucher, these forms can be completed and submitted with new lease agreements.

Reasonable accommodation forms

For individuals who have an active Housing Choice voucher, complete and submit these forms when seeking accommodation owing to a disability.

Employment forms

Complete and submit these forms if you need to verify your employment status.

Porting out of area forms

If you are moving within Colorado or out-of-state, and have an active Housing Choice voucher, complete and submit the applicable form.

Moving forms

Complete and submit these forms if you are moving from your current residence with an active Housing Choice voucher.

Paperwork for landlords

These forms can be completed and submitted by individuals leasing properties for qualified Housing Choice voucher holders.