Technology Services

Connections for Independent Living offers several technology programs to assist our registered consumers. These include our communications technology program, our technology loan program, our TechMate assistance program, and our Connections technology lab.


Communications technology program

Clarity Teltex telephoneThe State of Colorado Department of Human Services’ Communications Technology Program (CTP) provides communications resources and tools at no charge to qualified deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind. Available equipment includes amplified and captioned telephones, smartphones and tablets, along with ring signalers and neck loops, or headsets and specialized equipment. This technology provides an individual with access to family members, and to the community at large.

Connections for Independent Living is an authorized demonstration center for the program. If you have interest in participating in a free, no-obligation demonstration of available equipment, please contact Connections at (970) 352-8682. Currently, demonstrations are presented online by video conferencing. In-person sessions at our Greeley office are scheduled to resume at our Connections Cares sessions in March, 2021.

Technology workshops

Computer mouse and keyboardTo provide assistance for individuals who do not have the training to use their computer or smartphone device to their fullest, Connections for Independent Living regularly hosts workshops offering instruction at no cost.

Hosted at the Connections offices in Greeley, these workshops provide assistance in learning how to use a computer, and how to navigate the Internet. Workshops are specifically for individuals who live with disabling conditions in northeastern Colorado. 

Many of these workshops are also available through video conferencing, for those Coloradans who are unable to attend in person.

For a full listing of current workshops, visit our Classes and Workshops page.

Technology loan program

Notebook computer with Connections websiteConnections for Independent Living provides a free technology loan program for registered consumers. This service provides a temporary loan of a Chromebook computer and/or a mobile hotspot device for Internet service by cellular telephone.

Technology may be checked out for periods ranging from overnight to 30 days. There is a maximum of three 30-day periods permitted each calendar year. A standard daily reservation made Monday through Thursday will be valid for a 24-hour period. If a reservation is made on a Friday for a daily reservation, return of the equipment must be made the following Monday at the start of business.

All reservations must be confirmed with Connections for availability of equipment. A scheduled time for curbside pickup at our Greeley office is set at the time of the reservation. The equipment return time for curbside drop-off must also be specified. Consumers may lose their check-out privilege if they do not arrive at their reservation time for check-out, or who are late in returning the equipment.

A $10 daily late fee may be assessed for equipment that is not returned by the specified due date. Individuals who do not return equipment, or who return equipment in a damaged condition, will be assessed a fee for repair or replacement. This fee will be determined on a per-person basis, with consideration of the specific circumstances.

Please complete the form immediately below to request your technology loan.

TechMate assistance program

Computer technical servicesDo you have a new computer or are experiencing technology challenges with your computer? If you are a registered care consumer with Connections for Independent Living, our TechMate assistance program can provide help at no cost. Knowledgeable Connections volunteers provide personal assistance to learn skills and practices that can improve lives.

Our TechMate program is open for assistance to individuals within our seven-county service region only. This assistance is provided by telephone, FaceTime, Zoom, or other virtual online platforms. Sessions are mostly scheduled for evenings and weekends, at a time that is convenient both for the requester and for the TechMate. Generally, sessions are scheduled within a week of request.

To schedule your personal TechMate session, give us a call at (970) 352-8682 or complete and submit the form immediately below. We’ll be in contact with you to schedule.

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  • Carefully double-check your information prior to submitting. You will receive an acknowledgement of your submission by email.